Visiting Fellow

Professional Program

The Visiting Fellow Program offers opportunities for research, networking, collaboration, and cultural exchange to international professionals with a history of academic excellence.


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University Partners


Major Cities in U.S

Prestigious Research Assistance Program

Stanley Prep's Visiting Fellow Program is one of its kind, designed for not only academia but also for professionals to conduct relevant research with world-renowned faculties in the U.S.

10 World-Class University Partners

Excellent academic reputation that will enhance your professional credentials.

World-Renowned Faculty Advisors

The Faculty Advisors are experts in your professional discipline with a track record of academic accomplishments and professional networks.

Offered in Major U.S. Cities

Our University Partners are strategically located in major cities of the US where research and relevant industries are readily accessible.

World's #1 Brand by Number of Participants

Since 2014, the Visiting Fellow Program has hosted more than 500 participants from all over the world.  Our experience provides the most efficient ways to secure your research opportunity in your desired location.