MASTER OF Business Administration (MBA)

California Baptist University

The Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business MBA (Jabs MBA) prepares students to reach their professional and personal goals. It provides an in-depth exploration of finance, marketing, economics, strategy and organizational leadership, integrating theory with a pragmatic application to produce graduates of both character and competence. MBA students bridge academic concepts with real-world experiences through international internship opportunities or a global business trip with faculty and peers. The Jabs MBA is designed to prepare ethical and effective leaders to create and shape organizations and to become responsible, accountable members of the local and global community.


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Lectures in the Korean language


2 Years + 1 Year OPT

Why earn your MBA at CBU?

Learn from professionally accomplished faculty

The academically qualified MBA faculty is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, researchers, authors, business owners and leaders.

Experience business on a global scale

As an optional fee, the international business experience helps students learn about conducting business across borders and grasp an understanding of the key differences in business practices across cultures. Students will also meet business leaders and visit major business locations in the chosen country.

Foster lifelong relationships

CBU's MBA program reflects a dynamic community where small classes provide an interactive learning experience that allows students to strengthen networking, team-building and interpersonal skills while defining their unique business visions. Supportive relationships, with faculty and fellow students, begin the first day of class and last a lifetime.

Take practical courses

MBA classes closely model real-world working environments in which actual cases are discussed to illustrate the connections between coursework and the global workplace. By recreating the boardroom in the classroom, courses motivate students to think, react and function like managers and leaders.


is specially designed to prepare Korean-speaking business professionals with business and technical acumen, soft skills, and ethical grounding to successfully live out their purpose in the modern marketplace.


  • WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)
  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP)

Learn from Korean-speaking Faculty

Academically qualified, the K-MBA faculty is comprised of academically acclaimed professors with decades of teaching experience.

Same CBU MBA degree

The K-MBA program is identical in all aspects of the regular CBU MBA program, even the diploma and graduation ceremony.

Fast & Easy Application Process

Admissions decisions are made normally within 2 weeks after application. Also No TOEFL, No GMAT.

Degree Requirements

Core Classes

A foundational course for all MBA students. It is designed to ensure all MBA students have the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the MBA program. Students will be required to demonstrate competency in finance, global business, economics, organizational behavior, operations management, human resources, ethics, and law. This course will also help students bridge the scholar-practitioner divide through teaching research and critical thinking skills needed to be successful in the program. (3 units)

This course investigates the strategic implications and considerations of marketing management decisions. The course covers the formulation and implementation of effective planning for market development. Substantive and procedural aspects of marketing will also be addressed. Pre- or Co- Requisite: BUS 503. (3 units; Spring & OPS)

This course surveys economic theory, techniques for recognizing and interpreting economic indicators, analyzing industries, price elasticity, and business and economic cycles that affect organizations and industries. Prerequisite: BUS 217, BUS 218, or BUS 503. (3 units)

The course focuses on the application and development of management decision making and problem solving skills in the financial area. Specific topics of discussion include financial statement analysis, credit and operational risk, financial planning and budgeting, asset valuation, cash flow analysis and capital budgeting, and firm valuation from a value-based management and corporate governance perspective. Pre- or Co- Requisite: BUS503 or ACC 250 (for Healthcare Administration, MA students). (3 units; Fall/Summer, & OPS)

This course, by its very nature, is an opportunity for students to integrate and apply the summative knowledge and competencies accumulated during their MBA courses. The course is designed to assess cognitive, affective, practical and presentation skills. Students will integrate their Master’s coursework knowledge by developing an interdisciplinary final project that incorporates functional areas such as strategic management, operations, marketing, business law and regulations, finance, and HR issues. This project will encourage students to understand the internal mechanisms and structures of how firms build and sustain superior competitive positions and achieve long-run profitability. (3 units)

Students will explore the impact of supporting a strategic decision with research and analysis of data. Students will construct goals, and communicate them keeping the beginning and end in mind as it relates to future outcomes in the areas of technology, finance, manufacturing, logistics, and many other facets of the organizational environment. Students will be equipped to disseminate their vision to management and discern the impact of feedback from management. Additional software fee. Prerequisite: BUS 503. (3 units; Fall/Spring)

This course focuses on management perspectives, economics, finance, culture, politics, legal, and organizational issues associated with international business operations. Course materials address business strategies, enterprise management alternatives, political and economics relations, comparative national systems, and the global economy. (3 units)

This course focuses on management perspectives, economics, finance, culture, politics, legal, and organizational issues associated with international business operations. Course materials address business strategies, enterprise management alternatives, political and economics relations, comparative national systems, and the global economy. (3 units)

Concentration: Management

Management and leadership permeates every industry around the world. The management specialization welcomes all students regardless of industry background. From entrepreneurship to technology, subjects are presented in a challenging real-world experiential environment by faculty with vast professional experience.

This course focuses on the relationships of individuals and groups within the organizational framework as it involves the nature, performance, and structure of organizational life. The course examines theories of organizational behavior and leadership methods with emphasis on integrating biblical principles. Pre- or Co- Requisite: BUS 503. (3 units)
This course provides a relevant and current survey of information systems in relation to the use of technology to achieve innovative business success. The course takes both a strategic and practical approach to the issues organizations face in understanding and determining the application of technical solutions and strategic planning. The course is designed to deliver the tools for the MBA student to apply immediately in their business roles outside of the university. In the course the student will participate in open discussion, group activities, and topical research and reporting. (3 units)
This course covers ethical reasoning based on biblical principles as it applies to business situations. Specific topics include the legal environment, corporate social responsibility, bribery, affirmative action, cultural diversity, dispute resolution, consumer protection, employee rights, deception, advertising ethics, product safety, environmental protection, and economic justice. The course develops an awareness of and appreciation for cultural diversity in the workplace. Prerequisite: BUS 358 or BUS 503. (3 units)

This course introduces new enterprise formation and management from the perspective of the entrepreneur or advanced-level manager. Some practical issues that are covered in detail include: market planning, business plan preparation, the opportunity recognition process, effective team building, and startup capital acquisition. The course will cover social entrepreneurship as well as corporate entrepreneurship. The course also surveys the concept of intrapreneurship of an ongoing and larger business, and offers an examination of the factors that enable an entire unit of a large organization to become more creative and dynamic. (3 units)

*Curriculum and program design subject to change.

Official transcript from an accredited college or university reflecting completion of a baccalaureate degree.

3.00 cumulative GPA*
Written statement of purpose
  • What are your educational goals?
  • How will this program help meet those goals?
  • What makes you a good fit for CBU?
  • 500-word maximum
3 years or more of work experience or a master's degree
Online interview
No TOEFL nor GMAT required

$100 non-refundable application fee
Official transcripts showing completion of bachelor’s degree
Current professional resume
Comprehensive essay of at least 500 words that includes:
  • Purpose for entering the program
  • Long-term professional goals
  • Reasons for choosing to study at CBU
  • Factors that make applicant a good MBA candidate

Successful interview with the director of the graduate program

1. Submit required documents to Stanley Prep for prescreening
2. Participate in an online interview
3. Prescreen decision issued
4. Submit the program agreement
5. Submit a graduate application at Select "KMBA".
6. Admissions letter and I-20 are issued
7. Obtain a student visa
8. Arrival in the US

Fall semester Spring semester
July 1
November 1

1. Obtain health insurance
  • Appropriate health insurance for F-1 program is required by the Department of State.
  • This must be done through Stanley Prep before arriving in the U.S.
2. Schedule visa interview(s) for you and your dependent(s) at the nearby the American embassy or consulate
3. With the successful visa interview, a F-1 visa and F-2 visa(s) for dependent(s) will be issued.
4. Prepare for relocation.
  • Contact Stanley Prep if you would like a referral to one of our selected relocation service agencies.
5. Notify Stanley Prep of your U.S. address and contact information
  • Updating your current addresses in the U.S. is required by the Department of State.

Frequently Asked Questions

The year-round Jabs MBA and the Jabs School of Business are named in honor of Dr. Robert K. Jabs, professor emeritus. Dr. Jabs’ long-standing commitment to CBU and our students helped develop the foundation upon which the Jabs MBA is built.
The MBA program admits students two times a year—fall (August/September) and spring (January). Information regarding application deadlines for each start term can be found here.
Once an application file and interview are complete, applicants will typically be notified of a decision within 3–5 business days.
Applicants are considered for admission based on GPA, essay, résumé, interview and individual considerations. Since one number cannot completely define you, we consider the total admissions packet when making admissions decisions. Any student, regardless of the type of bachelor’s degree attained, can be admitted into the MBA program.
Yes. The Jabs MBA program is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and professionally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) – the professional accreditor for teaching-focused business programs. 
The program is offered as a 24-month program.
All classes meet in the morning, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All business courses are conducted in our Robert K. Jabs School of Business Building on our main campus. Ample free parking is available immediately adjacent to the building.
The Jabs MBA offers four concentrations: Accounting, Business Analytics, Healthcare Administration, and Management. However, for the K-MBA program, the Management is offered.
No. However, the Jabs MBA program is designed for the working professional looking to advance professionally. Students from a variety of life and academic experience and backgrounds are integrated into classes to maximize networking and learning across generations, cultures, and industry specialties.