K-Camp provides high school students with the opportunity to experience Korea.

If you love all things K-Pop, this program is for you! Our students have the opportunity to tour big-name entertainment agencies, learn their very own K-Pop dance routine, and star in a real music video. So if you love K-Pop, K-dramas, K-bbq, or simply want to explore a new culture, we’d love to have you. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend two unforgettable weeks immersed in one of the most popular cultures worldwide!


A summer camp that allows for full immersion into Korean culture! Among many planned activities, campers will visit historic Korean landmarks, attend a K-Pop concert, take K-Pop classes, and star in their own music video!


High school students For an unforgettable currently enrolled in or experience consisting entering 10th-12th grade of cultural immersion, travel, K-Pop appreciation, friendship, and fun!

Study abroad program:

Many high school study abroad programs offer cultural immersion experiences that include travel, language learning, and opportunities to make new friends. Some programs even offer courses in K-Pop or other aspects of Korean culture.

Summer camp:

There are several summer camps that focus on Korean culture and language. These camps offer a fun and engaging way to learn about Korea and make new friends, while also experiencing cultural immersion.

Youth exchange program

Youth exchange programs, such as the Youth for Understanding (YFU) program, provide opportunities for high school students to live with a host family in another country and experience a new culture firsthand. These programs often include cultural activities, language learning, and opportunities to make new friends.

K-Pop concert or event:

if you're a big K-Pop fan, attending a K-Pop concert or event can be a great way to immerse yourself in Korean culture and make new friends who share your interests.

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